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Embrace the Wild: Unleash Your Potential with the Bushcraft Resiliency Course

Guest Post by Sean Hoglund - Owner of Quiet Waters Project, LLC

In a time where much of our work and recreation requires “plugging in,” the Bushcraft Resiliency Course with Sojourner Survival Outpost offers a training opportunity where you can “unplug” and connect with the wilderness, all while learning repeatable survival skills that will help you thrive in an outdoor environment! My confidence in the training began weeks before arrival. Luke ensured that I had all the pertinent information, to include a packing list. When I loaded everything in my car and began the drive, coffee in hand, I experienced excitement in anticipation of the training that lay ahead!

I was first greeted by the vast acreage and rugged terrain of the training location. Any whisper of unease faded with the smile, firm handshake, and a sincere welcome from Luke. Once introductions were complete, we got right to it!

Fire. Water. Medical. Shelter. The course covered all four of these essential pillars of survival. Look forward to effective explanations that quickly lead to hands-on training. With each pillar, you’ll understand the “Why?” and get right to the “How.”

We spent the morning starting fires, purifying water, and practicing medical skills. After lunch, we donned our packs and trekked into the tree line for a guided emergency shelter build. Luke showed us not only how to construct such a shelter, but how to identify and harvest the needed materials from our surroundings! With the shelter completed, and work turned to applying the very skills we had learned that morning to our newly constructed primitive camp! The full picture took shape as the sun set over our camp! We bedded down under the night sky with the sounds of God’s creation all around us- a perfect time to reflect on the day’s training. Then something unexpected happened, though I suspect it is an unspoken part of Luke’s plan. I realized I had

learned several silent lessons, in addition to the technical survival skills. These will be individualized based on your own actions and experiences during the day. Did I need to drink more water? Was I able to access a certain piece of equipment from my pack with ease? What was my susceptibility to the elements? The answers to these questions coupled with the hands-on survival training build a foundation of bushcraft skills and understanding that will serve you beyond the course! Folks, the Bushcraft Resiliency Course with Sojourner Survival Outpost retains my highest recommendation! I went and you should too!

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Ilona Dill
Ilona Dill
Sep 01, 2023

Excellent post! I am so glad you mentioned the pre-trip communication and education. As Luke’s spouse, I see the backside of how much prep work he does. It is undeniable that the success of his courses stems from his passion for the subject.

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