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Sojourner Char Cloth is made from 100% Duck Cloth. It is processed by hand and fire in central Tennessee. Char cloth has been used across the ages as an enhancing tool for igniting tinder bundles. Each kit is hand made through a process known as pyrolysis, which is just a fancy title for turning our fuel source into a highly ignitable fire starter. Truly an essential item for bushcraft enthusiasts. Includes water resistant tin can measuring - 4 3/8 length - 3 1/4 width - 1 1/8 height, Sojourner sticker, two retention straps, and assorted char cloth.


How to use Sojourner Char Cloth

Place a piece of char cloth into tinder bundle or bird's nest

Strike ferro rod in the direction of the char cloth, igniting the material

Once ignited, take up the the tinder bundle and give a steady blow until a fire starts

Strategically place tinder bundle into pre-constructed firewood stack



Keep char cloth dry for maximum effect

Only start camp fires where allowed

Ensure to prepare a means to snuff out the fire if necessary

Use at your own risk and protect the ecosystem around you

Sojourner Char Cloth Kit

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