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Location is everything

Searching for Sojourner Land - Training Locations are Crucial

Maintaining proficiency in both Survival and Bushcraft skills takes work. Certain skills are necessary regardless of the part of the world you find yourself in. Other skills are highly specialized and tend to flourish in certain regions. I once heard it said that in order to honestly present something as a refined skill, one should ensure that it is replicable and worthwhile. With that in mind, having access to locations to practice and refine those skills is a pretty big deal. Ever since the very first ember ignited and the Sojourner Survival and Bushcraft Training Program began, we have been on the hunt for appropriate training locations. The physical manifestation of this objective is coming to fruition through personal land acquisition, assistance from private land owners, and by gaining access to national parks.

A special thank you is in order for ready and willing land owners who have been essential in the development of training areas for Sojourner. That is, private citizens who believe in our movement and are generous enough to offer up their land and resources to be utilized for training. We are currently developing training opportunities in Kentucky, Tennessee, northern Minnesota, and in the mountains of Washington State. The various ecosystems each offer up unique challenges or ‘training opportunities'.

Sojourner Survival Outpost Training & Expedition Locations

In Kentucky, we have acquired unique access to a large swath of land that is ideal for both bushcraft and survival training. Located in a rural setting, the rolling hills and densely forested landscape provides ample opportunities to utilize the abundant natural resources. The land is perfect for the typical ‘no trace left behind’ outdoors adventures. Normally that term applies to ecosystem preservation and encourages people to respect their surroundings. However, there is an additional benefit to maintaining the ‘no trace’ mindset. It amplifies your ability to exist and operate in the wilderness without being detected. Whether you are stealth camping (legally) as a personal challenge, or the scenario is a bonafide survival situation where avoiding detection equals the preservation of lives, it is critical to remember that your presence and activities must be undetectable after departure.

Central Tennessee is where Sojourner Survival Outpost began. The flagship Sojourner Headquarters training location is nestled roughly 20 minutes south of an amazing national recreation area called the Land Between the Lakes. Similar to the Kentucky training site, our flagship location provides raw wilderness and allows for amazing opportunities for you to learn essential bushcraft and survival skills, test your abilities, and increase your self-reliance out in the wilderness. In addition to the wilderness skills building opportunities, this location allows for a unique outdoors excursion for people of all skill levels. Designed to be a stress-free event, participants of Sojourner Camping 101 are invited to enjoy the natural surroundings while having all of the major heavy lifting done for them. Additionally, there are several nearby training locations provided by private citizens that are in development.

There are also numerous trail hiking/camping opportunities available in eastern Tennessee. These include but are not limited to Fall Creek Falls and the Fiery Gizzard Trail. These locations are rugged, perfectly fitting, and are projected to extend our bushcraft and survival platform.

Northern Minnesota is home to one of the most spectacular locations in the mainland United States. Enter the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA). This is a vast wilderness and it boasts a multitude of interconnected lakes. Each lake offers pre-established camping locations, which is done in order to preserve the natural habitat. These are primitive campsites that include small clearings for your tent, campfire rings, and a latrine. Each site is located either along the shoreline of one of the lakes or on an island. They all offer fantastic scenery and are unforgettable. A typical trip to the Boundary Waters includes canoeing, portaging, hiking, camping, fishing, and nights under the stars. This location has the ability to test your wilderness skills while offering up once in a lifetime scenery. Under ideal conditions, the Northern Lights can be seen in abundance during the right time of the year. The most dangerous aspect of embarking on a trip to the Boundary Waters is that it is addicting. There is just something about the wilderness experience, the wildlife, and the beautiful lakes that just pulls the adventurer in.

Central Washington is home to the Cascade Mountain Range and the Wenatchee Valley. This location contains so much that covering it all would fill a whole mini series. The western-most portion of this area is blanketed with the towering tree-covered Cascade mountains, mountain streams, and awe-inspiring lakes. Butted up right against the Cascades is the Wenatchee Valley. This area has a semi-arid climate and has the only desert environment currently available in our training areas. This location allows for both desert and wooded mountainous training events all in one. Truly a remarkable experience, you will practice bushcraft and survival skills while surrounded by breathtaking views of the landscape.

Whatever your flavor is, our land search has produced a fitting variety of locations and ecosystems to experience. Add one or all of them to your bucket list. Contact us today to get the ball rolling through our established training events or custom expeditions. Click the knives below to begin.

Survival and Bushcraft Training Courses


Survival and Bushcraft Camping Guided Expeditions

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